Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dakar, Senegal: The White Walled City of Tall Ebony Humans


I am meant to be working but in a funny mood...

1. I returned from Dakar on Friday - having changed my flight from Sunday the 24th to friday the 22nd - in good time it turns out as South African Airways decided to go on strike and flights went out of kilter et al...little mercies...Mosquito's in Senegal I have concluded are not huge, they are mutants that have specialised fangs not to bite but to just wine unceasingly in 'foreigner's ears :-) ( I discovered that in all South African Languages, there is no one word for 'stranger' - amazing)...It was my second time in Sengal and I visited the Goree Islands...and Lake Rose (which happened to be black and dirty looking when we visisted far from the advertised pinkish look...:-( But it was nice to have some time see a city I am working from for once :-)

2. Also turns out it was a good thing my trip to Egypt was shifted for me as you can read from www.bbc.co.uk on the events that just occured there...hmm...I am greatful Lord...

3. So what up with me today? I have three papers to write; I have reports to finalise and send off; I have trips to plan; I have funds to find but all I seem to have in my head is that I am irritated...

4. I leave for Egypt this weekend...for a week...okay what up?

5. I am getting a new look that I won't reveal to anyone till I see y'all in October...

6. Okay I have decided to have lunch, perk up and do my work :-)

Thank Our Father who first loved us on my Behalf.


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Owumi said...

what new look? what new look?
are you wearing glasses?
did you cut your hair?
are you now blonde?
what new look????