Sunday, May 07, 2006

Colombo, Not Christopher

About the only thing that is mildly related to the ancient veteran traveller, Christopher Columbus in the city of Colombo is a few ancient British buildings peeking out of the masses of modern buildings dated for the seventies and eighties. Or maybe no relation at all read up on him.

The City of Colombo, in the Island of Sri Lanka could be mistaken for any other developing coastal nation in Africa or Latin America if simply looked upon from the surface. In truth, our major difference some rightly say is merely the color of our skin, across the globe - if we look closely enough we run the same race though differently.

So what has brought this Young Female Ajala here? I am attending my first GKP International Forum on “Creating Prosperity through Innovation: ICT at Work in Development” which refers to the multitude of innovative ways that information & communications technologies (ICT) are being applied to improve the human condition.

The GKP is the 'is the leading international multi-stakeholder network committed to harnessing the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) for sustainable and equitable development. Ranging from grassroots practitioners to policy-makers, GKP members and partners are innovators in the practical use of ICT for development. Through GKP, governments, business and civil society organisations, share their experience, ideas, issues and solutions to unleash the potential of ICT to improve lives, reduce poverty and empower people. ' You can have a field day knowing more on this session at

I am here as a GKP member and will be facilitating an Open Space discussions on 'Issues around the sustainability of ICT4Education partnerships' on the 8th of May from 2:00pm. Open Space is an innovative way of facilitating communication, commitment, and action on specific topics or issues of interest among a group of participants. Topics and issues are proposed by the participants and the formation of discussion groups around the topics is on a spontaneous basis, assisted by a facilitator.

A broad range of panel's and plenaries include but is not limited to:

Will keep you posted...


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Didn't read past female 'Ajala' yet but I had to post this already, "LOL!"

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