Friday, June 09, 2006

Here They Come Again: Deciding our Future through the 2007 Elections

To That Beneath:

I add my voice, my commitment, my will and ultimately my vote.

It will not be said of me that I Did Not, when I Could

Tired of the past not growing into the Future,

In Solidarity knowing Ripples grow wider than the naked eye can see..


From: 'Gbenga SesanSent: Friday, June 09, 2006 4:05

Subject: Here They Come Again: Deciding our Future through the 2007 Elections

Hello all:

We've heard all these before (ref: Atiku's manifesto, below), but until we're able to identify people who truly possess certain skill sets (at the very least, competence, committment, compassion and character) -- not those who pay experts to draw up programs -- we will be re-destroying the wheel. If the near-middle class (or emerging/existent middle class, within which most of us fall) can decide to do what it takes to make real votes count in 2007, we will be contributing to the emergence of a New Nigeria. Some have said, "what do you think you can do with all the machinery that the political 'owners' are deploying?" My response is quite simple: if the present level of anger in Nigeria is taken on through the elections, then we must all:

- Register (voters registration) towards expressing our voting rights;
- Convince everyone to register towards expressing their rights;
- Vote for the people of our choice;
- Be ready to "fight" (with the pen, association and other avenues) for a possible stealing of a clear mandate

Do you know that one of the weapons of the rigging elements is the fact that the number of registered voters is easy to manipulate? Look at 199 and 2003, with over 120 million people of which over 65% was elibible to vote, we recorded way less than 30 million votes in all. Lagos alone is 15-18 million, the students (speaking of tertiary now) make up another pool of millions. If all these people (as many as possible) are literate about their voting rights, the ballot box will have less probability of being hijacked! These "riggers" know this truth, thats why they keep telling us that the elections have already been decided -- it has not been decided! Your vote and mine will decide who's the next leader (not political representative


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