Monday, October 19, 2015

Tale 10: Of Auditions and Adopted Family

Act 2, Scene 2
Set in the late evening at Ajose Lecture theatre. Lights deemed. Outline of ±5 people scattered in the seats about 5 rows from the stage. Walking up on stage is skinny Titi - my audition to join a drama group.

Titi (In my head): I can do this, I can and have overcome my innate shyness driven by my gangly arms and bony knees. I can do this! {I finally look directly into the seated auditors and shock! In the shrouded theatre I see the outline of a recognizable head - one that looked like a friend, music group mate (R.S.P - a story that will be told) and older brother}. Could it be? Is that Olumide Akinsola? O my God, IT IS Olumide Akinsola!

And gbam, my nervousness came crashing through again. For you see Olumide I have known since before my teen years. He knew me, knew my etymology as an All Saints Anglican Church Yaba + R.S.P member. At least some history i eventually thought. My older brothers mate and friend...sigh…

In the chairs - two other gentlemen I came to know as Abiodun Oduyemi and my very own Chief O - Olatokunbo Fagbamigbe!

Then the audition began. And truth be told Olumide Akinsola was not gentle at all :-) He drew on all my vulnerabilities he knew off :-) and he prodded me

Olumide A: You are a hawker - Action!
Titi {I respond with appropriate body language, swaying non existent hips, singing in lilting voice}: ‘L’angbe ji na o! L’angbe j’ina!’ then E w’oju obe e mu yan!’
Olumide A: Now a mad person Action!
Titi went ballistic! Hysterical laughter, jerky start and stop runnings; well put together coiffure promptly undone. The transition from normal to crazed executed.

And it worked! DaddyMi, courage came. That bag sure comes in useful. And so I successfully became a part of a family of love: 4:5!

This day is therefor to say thank you to the 4:5 family, too numerous to name indvidually. Thank you for being a partof my time in ‘africa’s most beautiful campus’ {ahem} such great fun! Many are the stage productions heralded by midnight rehearsals, movies in botanical garden - including a song recording that took me close to my now husband but I knew not; to crushes and loves unrequited {ahem!}; to picnics and most important life long friendships forged. Some stories are best told over the glowing embers of a well tendered fire while watching a fiery sunset with loved ones. Some I might tell others I leave to snicker over even as I grow in Grace and wisdom!

HELLO 4:5!!!!

‘We are a Convenant House, A family of Love,
WAlking in the light of His word;
Our foundation is Love,
And our Walls made of Unity,
We go on in the Strength of His Love!

Lord Lift our hearts, make Us One,
Build Us up and make Us strong,
Till we come to the Fullness of Joy!x2 (Written by Olumide Akinsola for the ECU 4:5 family).

Ps: Olumide Akinsola, Caroline Biuware SAdio, Faith Biuware, Patrick Osagie, Cyril Osagie, Eyitayo Akinsanmi, George - It's’ been over 20 years already!

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