Monday, October 19, 2015

Tale 12: Of Adoption, Room’s and Burglary

Of Adoption
A hearty thank you, to the Oyedeji Family.

Thank you: for giving me a family away from home.
Mummy Oyedeji your amala with ila oni’ru remains locked in my taste memory
Daddy Prof. Oyedeji, your industriousness, titles and accolades aside, your humility
Your field of corn and dexterity killing a snake with a hoe.

Bro. Sola, Sis Foluke, Bro. Bayo, Adeola.

Thank you for opening up your heart and home to me.
For using your influence to ensure, for the first time in four years,
I had accommodation in the most beautiful campus.
E seun Seun!

Of Room’s

So I finally had my own room - Ope o! Not a corner, or bunk space.
Not sharing with at least 7other people.
An exclusive end of corridor room just for two - and in my case a roomie (adeola) who spent more time in Quarters than in the room.
A room all to myself - and I went to ‘town’ doing its interior.

Cream and Brown
Frames and throw Pillows
Satin and Pure Cotton
Pictures on the roof - my goal an oasis from the chaos that Ife had become

A place to host - thank you to all that came
A private place to cry over unrequited love (again?)
A space to let my creative mind free,
To be, to sleep, to rest
To succeed.

And then…

Of Burglary

‘Se’ise wa! Se’ise wa!’

That never ending call walking corridors,
across fences when barred from entry
of young boys and girls, some orphans and victims of Modakeke and Ife war
Looking to make some small change
Washing dishes & clothes,
fetching and mending

‘Se’ise wa! Se’ise wa!’

And within those that masqueraded to case out and profile
To return as marauders

One or two of such made it into my room
an my funds they took
(Don’t ask me about bank accounts svp!)
I gave them work, and before them paid
they were like ones I had ‘adopted’ going beyond the work they did for me to know of them
They came, they took money and never returned
A word of thanks to the perpetrators then - I pray your life has more light on it.
Again thank you.

Tomorrow I tell of Latin, Libraries and Elections

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