Monday, October 19, 2015

Tale 3: ChinChin Saves

Skirting the lines,Pushing boundaries
Working to counter the cannots and impossibles!
That’s a trait I continue to nurture, I like challenges.

So Mr. X (Inya says I should name him as he is - so Mr. ‘N’) and his lesson of petrification of me on said day did not translate to my not attending anymore.Also the fact that I did not tell my folks - a tale for another day maybe.

So the next day after my petrification (such a word that!), I packed by lesson bag after school and began the walk to another late afternoon at the torture lesson.

EXCEPT...the walk began but a literal turnaround happened.

You see I love to cook, Not as a duty :-) but as a passion that has its moments. I digress though.

As I walked, at the gate and the outskirts of the wall, my nostrils caught a luscious smell emanating from the BQs. The glorious smell of freshly made ‘ChinChin’. My thoughts veered as I walked to thoughts of the what and how its made.

You see Mrs. Imo the maker of said ChinChin was legendary. As anyone who passed on the Torch or lived within its hallowed walls will attest to - he ChinChin left the others a mile or more behind. Simply crunchy delicious.

I made a decision as I approached the Iwaya road corner, A crucial seemingly rebellious and crazy decision. I stopped in the middle of the road, turned around and walked back - not home but to knock on the door of the Imos (sorry Mommy). I asked to see my friend Chikwere ‘Chichi’ Imo and thereby got introduced to the tasty art of making Chinchin.

It was the first in what has become a lifelong specialty of mine - One I got so good at, I made it my first entrepreneurial rendezvous. So successful I was able to pay for Computer School.

So Thank you the Imo Family - ChiChi and mum in particular for opening your home and sharing your skills and asking no difficult to answer questions. Your generosity to share your knowledge and open your doors each afternoon for two hours took me away from an abusive situation and environment; equipping me with a skill that resulted in my gaining sector specific knowledge. A direct input to my current expertise. Thank you!

Ps: If you are reading this and know how I can reach any of the Imo girls I would appreciate the connection.

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