Monday, October 19, 2015

Tale 9: Of Tears & Beginnings

Act 2 Scene 1

Titi Soliloquy
I slept the sleep of the exhausted. unmoving mostly only to be woken at daughter, to the slushing sounds of water.
To the sound of activity: early bird risers ensuring they had water.
My first shock - unusable bathrooms, dysfunctional taps and peeping Toms!

I made it to the department of International Relations on an empty stomach
And Yes, my name was still not unmarked! Then I wept, Huge heaving tears

For the injustice,
For the corruption,
For the seeming lack of recourse.

I wept
huge tear drops falling like a waterfall with rock like thoughts of what it took to get so far, only to have the rug seemingly pulled out from under me.

I wept.
Even as I walked up the stairs of the Senate building
Having exhausted all options at the Department and finding no sympathy.
My goal: the admissions office
My silent tears unabated but my spirit determined.

There I met a crowd
It seemed my plight would not be addressed
Afterall I showed up alone
No parent, No connections.

That day I took a vow
I will not leave, till I laid my came before the DV admission
And thus my quietly stubborn aluta persona came to the fore.

I took a seat on the floor, on the corridor outside the office of the dVC
Back to the wall, Legs stretched out,
Silent tears unending. Determined to not leave till I had audience.

Twice the dVC walked - busy but observing, unknown to me.
Many simply crossed over shaking their heads.

All day I sat, never losing sight, not losing my comportment
Laying siege, , seeking audience.

A calm voice at ± 5pm

Voice: Young lady, how can I help you?
Titi (Looking up): Good evening sir. Yes Sir. They struck my name off the admission list.

He shook his head, then said come.
He gave me tissue to clean my tears,
Access to his landline so I could call home

And most important, He assured me on this

‘Pstr Adeojo: You will be fine, Your marks work.
Pick a course
Transfer in part 2!

And thus I became a full and bonafide
Greatest Ife!

To you, Mr. Ade Ojo
I say thank you.
Your lineage will always find help.

And so I became a student card carrier
and my adventures in Ife truly began.

Tomorrow Calls

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