Thursday, June 02, 2005

Stuttgart to vienna

I am tired this first night of the first day in June, 2005. Has it been a long day? Spent most of it bent over my laptop enrusing delivery on a draft docuemnt that has now returned to my table having morphed a new section which now has to be fleshed out in time for submission tomorrow - but I am not going to do it today.
Yup, not procastinating but have learnt that I am at my best and most creative docuemnt wise when I am not tired and practically nodding off...
So how was Stuttgart, you ask? It was restful and quiet...Walked around, met Sis. F.s colleagues, friends and got to know her apartment some. Then got hooked on Bodie Thoene...what/who is Bodie Thoene? Search google :-)
Its rasied my interest in History once again...our world is full and rich with so muchh forgotten...but a question arises in mymind that Iwill seek answers too - were there Blacks in Nazi German? Where they also classified as racially inferior? If yes not surprising, but hten who has captured thier stories, followed thorugh on what happened ot them? Questions, Questions.
I rode the train from Stuttgart to Vienna, with the serene danube River lilting next to me on the tracks...what beauty the country side, and to imagine it has seen so much, so very much.
If only forests and the earth could speak. If only we understood the language of the heavens when it thunders, then we would indeed be able to hear waht has been past upon our dear Earth.
Work which brings me to Vienna, began today with a little meeting for speakers and then a cocktail 9why on earth is it called this? We never eat tilas of no cocks :-()...Anyways, met up with far away old but familiar faces, met new ones and look sliek it will be a good netqworking session with relevant work coming forth from it.
I need to go sleep now is I am too wake up early enough to work on this docuemnt. But then woudl have to buy more Internet credit...well...will do...
Did I mention that the YC Facilitation team the other two have all of a sudden cancelled coming? Now we are trying to get someone else on to our panel so its not empty...hmmm...I love aving Plan A' to Z's ad inifinitum...
O'daro eyin Ara.

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Owumi said...

More strength to you. Pele.
About the blacks in Nazi gernamy, that would certainly be an interesting theme to research. Hmmm.
And of course we know who Bodie Thoene is. At least I do. I see Sis F.'s library is still going strong.
When is she going to start her blog?