Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lagos Na Wa! Humour abounds amid Lagos chaos:By Kieran Cooke, BBC News Nigeria

I laugh so te e after I read this article - but I no get choice but to gree with am -Lagos na real wa!!!

Eko Akete,
Ilu ogbon,
To ba duro
Ko shora...

God Did make us real speical people...


Nigeria is Africa's most populous country and has the potential to be one of the richest, but has been plagued by corruption since independence in 1960. But as our correspondent found on a visit to the sprawling city of Lagos, there's another side to life - the unfailing humour with which Nigerians confront the trials of daily living.

It happened as the aircraft was about to lift off. A muffled explosion followed by a grating, turbulent sound, rather like a dishwasher gone berserk. We were flung forward as engines were reversed, brakes slammed on.

The ornate red hat of the podgy man next to me went flying down the cabin, closely followed by a pile of newspapers, a handbag and, the most strange sight of all, a carton of washing powder.

My friend Ibim, a local journalist intent on showing me what she called "the real Nigeria" far away from Lagos, grabbed my thigh in a blood-stopping clasp. We came to a halt, slightly skewed, not far from the end of the runway.

What was most impressive about the incident at Lagos airport - besides the split second decision making of the pilot - was the behaviour of those on board.

No screams, no tears. A shrugging of shoulders - and then, chuckles and laughter.

"You see," said Ibim. "We Nigerians can take anything."

It is as if locals combat the haphazard, often frightening world they inhabit with bellyfuls of humour.


Lagos Na Wa!

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