Tuesday, January 09, 2007



2007 is here :-)

I am racking my brains (do I have more than one? You bet :-) count all those belonging to my learned andunlearned friends human and otherwise) for what to put in this first blog...came up with what was in mine only :-) I don't read minds as yet :-)

In the past year I have read and seen all kinds of blogs - those musing on what they do, think and feel and those out to make and help you make money.

In all I have discovered that on blogging I will do that which I like - which is not what everbody likes :-) use it when the craving comes :-) Like an addiction maybe? Not put myself in a box but leave enough room for different flavours, colors and tastes of who I am to seep out via my fingers into words colored in myriad hues of gray, balck, white, pink, red, green, beige... (you get the point)

Anyways :-) Did I mention I have another niece now? Tenioluwa Oreoluwapo amongst others are her names :-) swiflty named by her aunts as Oreos :-) a lovely as yet to be seen (picture or real life) daughter of Zion born in December 2006.

Its a new year, new beginings - but I decided to not just see January first as yeah! a new year :-) but as another new day, another opportunity to set my mind on doing that which is right and profitable to human kind and ultimately to fulfilling my purpose on earth. Waiting 365 days to celebrate new beginnings is so long and tiring - each new second each new minute, each new hour, each new day we should welcome and appreciate as we do a new year - the world would have better attitude for it.

Just imagine - you have a consistent opportunity to renew yourself and your mind and your actions not a long 365 to deal with...

So you can make day oriented goals acheivable - don't get me wrong I love New Year's, I love the celebrations the food (when I do get to make or eat with family) and all that lovely off work time...but even more important for your future is what you do with the mid year goals, the summer goals to live right and the wintery goals of eating right; the dedication to putting in and being your best at work each day - self employed or answering to what you might atimes think is a gargoyle from beyond pluto...

I was a child of many parts

Became a girl of many sides

Trascended into a lady of myriad thoughts and ways

and emerging as a woman of myriad passsions

In the years ahead I will explore and be the best I can be of all these set within me...

Not to show me forth but to live out life as it was meant to be: Godcentric

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Jaycee said...

I love this post...renewing urself every morning u wake up is the best way to be consistently refreshed throughout a long span of 365 days...