Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Creature of Habit


That was my conclusion while I sat eating my Nando's lunch AGAIN today - I am a creature of Habit.

Some would say I have little niches in my life which i allow to repeat themselves consistently - my eating habit or the lack of it; my consistent need to have things in a certain place at a certain time; my continuing to only have salted pop corn with strawberry slush only at the Zone; amongst a myriad 'others'

Good or bad?

Maybe both - flip sides to this coin of habitual engagement with the same meal, the same what else? It might be that i have tired an number of options and found 'these' most to my likining or i simply do not liek to try knew things.

Contrary that last thought for one who willingly packed up a life and moved all the way across a continent...and does so over and over...we all, no matter how full of adventure need habit/consistency/solid rocks that our core can revolve and familiarise around.

Creature of Habitually Living
One who has Found a Comfort Zone or More
Living Life with an adventourous spirit
Living beyond all expectations
Breaking through limitations real and assumed...

Creature of Habit?

Maybe, Maybe not!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

"we all, no matter how full of adventure need habit/consistency/solid rocks"

I think by the same token we all, no matter how content and settled we are with a routine, need serious changes and upsets to learn and experience what life is really about!