Monday, October 19, 2015

Tale 1: A Sweet Smelling Savour

I almost did not make it into the high school of my choice.

Not for a lack of succeeding but due to my first encounter with veins of corruption - someone swapped my name out.

But that's a tale for another day.

I did make it and have since passed on the Torch, still brightly shining.

A teacher's daughter I was expected to toe the line - I did more of skirting it I must say.

I looked forward to my birthday, that first term knowing my family would pull through - lovely Birthday treats with gifts.

What I did not expect was that someone whom I had yet to really know would think of me.

That which I least expected came, a lovely wrapped gift, an Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume.

I remain hooked decades later.

Thank you Tosyn Bucknor - for making my day, decades ago!

May your life never cease to smell great! You still rock!

Ps: Tale 2 cometh

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