Monday, October 19, 2015

Tales of a Life filled/spurred with Random Acts of Kindness


I weighed a thousand and one ways - myriad really, on how to begin this:

Intense? Colourful? Cloaked in Mystery? Eventually I just thought, Titi, Write! :-) So here we go.

Over the next thirty days, as my 2015 day of birth approaches,

I am compelled to share tales - all true - of how varied acts of kindness by people known and unknown to me has helped shaped who I am today.

Where memory serves and I recall the name - I will name and if possible tag them. My goal is to shine light on the actions and to say ‘thank You’.

To call You out, that the seed sown (knowingly or unknowingly) may bring you great harvest!

To all my Friends I have one ask: do comment by helping me say thank you over the next month.

And here it begins in no particular chronological manner!

Ps: I am sorry to my past self that I did not write more here. It changes going forward.

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